You can tell itís fiction; the citizens take action and freedom prevails.

Political Fiction by:††





Have you ever wondered what it will take to repair all the ills the political class has heaped upon this nation?Maybe itís time we found out.Read about one possible solution; itís fiction, but what if it werenítÖ.


This could be their most important mission ever; its success could

††††††† foreshadow vast changes in the nationís political structure, and they

††††† were determined to succeed as the country was on the brink of national

suicide.This mission placed everything on the line and it could

wait no longer.


The group was formed in the early nineteen hundreds as a support for

servicemen, and then forcedunderground by the Fabian Socialists in

President Wilsonís Administration.From there, they became a force

to be reckoned with, being secretly supported by a few well connected

and very powerful patriots who understood what was at stake.


Now, in the middle of the twenty-first century, the Patriots are the

nationís only chance for survival, and the nationís survival is the only

goal of the Patriots, and the purpose for the Code.With five rules to

cover not only the mission, but all who become involved with the

mission, either by choice or by chance, they choose to start at the top:

at the White House.Rule number one, ignored by the governing class

for over one hundred years, now becomes the prime directive in the

Code of the Patriots.


Youíll only learn about this mission here; youíll never read nor hear

about it in the news.


Code of the Patriots ††††by Rae Michael